On the heels of admission to a graduate program in architecture, Morgan Greenhouse, Founder of verdeHOUSE, stumbled upon a crisp, empty retail shell off of U Street. It was one of those spaces that she had become accustomed to thinking, “Wouldn’t it be cool if we could do such-and-such in that space?” But this time, she made it happen. While coordinating the details, Morgan enlisted local artists to install original sculptures in the space—drawing unexpected popularity and media attention. Both the visibility and marketing thrilled the developer. Following the buzz, other organizations were quick to fill the vacancy. There was something to such a simple idea: people need new, unique spaces for events and real estate professionals need to activate and market vacant property. With a complimentary set of needs, why not connect the two? Bailing on architecture school, verdeHOUSE was born.

Since that first location, the portfolio has grown and so has the team. With expertise in real estate development, marketing, and communications, verdeHOUSE successfully helps transform properties throughout all four quadrants of Washington, DC. Partnering with organizations ranging from large corporations and real estate companies to boutique firms and municipalities, verdeHOUSE continues to grow by activating and branding individual properties, communities, campuses and cities.